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Campbell Ohio – (Karen Kastner) Unique restaurants and bars in and near Campbell offer a wide range of traditional American and ethnic cuisine.

Among them is the Papa’s, which offers both Puerto Rican cuisine and New York style pizza. Located in all its red and blue glory on 12th Street, the refurbished eatery offers a full bar and separate dining area.

Papa’s prices range from $3 fries (you can also add cheese to a 16-inch Bronx Bomber pizza for $19. A $10 appetizer offers pastelillo, alcapuria, relleno and tostones. Cuban-style sandwiches with traditional mustard and pickles are also available for $10.

Diamond Tavern on Robinson Road offers a wide range of bar foods as well as Greek daily specials—a new feature. Diamond offers seven mini tacos with sour cream for $4.50 and grilled bologna on country bread for $3.95.

Lucky Rooster Bar and Grill Campbell Ohio Picture – PHOTO CREDIT / KAREN S. KASTNER

Bars include the Lucky Rooster, known for its Saturday barbecues, and He’s Not Here, which apparently offers a sense of humor, both located on Wilson Avenue.

Also on Wilson Avenue is Best Catch Seafood Store, a local staple for fish and the like.

Two very popular restaurants lie just outside the Campbell City Limits. One even has a renowned chef.

Winner of the locally coveted 2014 Taste of the Valley entrée competition, Christopher’s at Knoll Run Golf Course, which has a Lowellville mailing address but is physically located in Coitsville Township. The chef is Christopher Bonacci, well known in the area for his Christopher’s Downtown in the City Center One building on East Federal Street in Youngstown. Downtowners remember it as the former End of the Tunnel.

Open for three meals a day and nightcaps, Christopher’s offers breakfasts like Early Birdie Sandwiches for $3.99 and Italian omelets, $6.25. Later in the day, it offers the unique Marucc salad with bacon and cauliflower for $6.99, the Knoll Run chicken salad with cucumbers and olives for $8.99, and lots of other dishes and daily specials.

Near the beautiful and well groomed Knoll Run is Bogey’s Bar & Grill, Upland Avenue, Coitsville, the site of major barbecue equipment. It offers prime rib on Saturdays and Sundays. Its website lists many special events.

On Youngstown’s East Side, there are many restaurants and bars near Lincoln Knolls Plaza and Roosevelt Park including City Limits family style restaurant on McCartney Road.

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