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Apples to Apples Energy Choice Ohio

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Energy Choice Ohio

Title: Energy Choice Matters Ohio | Public Utilities Commission
Author: Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

This video published by, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio shows how to use their website and learn more about your options connecting you directly with energy suppliers in Ohio. This will help both families and businesses compare your utilities also called “apples to apples” to get you the best rate on your utilities.

**This video transcribed on this page is from the Public Utilities Commission. The video is original and has not been altered from it’s original format. We do not claim ownership of this video or content, you can find the original source linked above. We have transcribed the video for the hearing impaired

Energy Choice Matters Ohio | Public Utilities Commission

00:03 Speaker 1: Welcome to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio’s brand new Energy Choice Ohio website, your one stop site for learning about your energy choice options and connecting you directly with energy suppliers. Here you’ll find information about energy choice, what it means for you and your family or business, as well as step by step guides to assist you in making educated decisions about your energy bills.

00:28 Speaker 1: Also available are helpful and interactive comparison charts that allow you a side by side comparison of energy suppliers in your area. Opening the applicable chart, you’ll see a listing of offers from competitive suppliers. A wide array of sorting and filtering options make comparing offers even easier. Once you’ve found an offer you like, the supplier’s contact information and a link to sign up are provided. Best of all, because Energy Choice Ohio is maintained by the PUCO, you can trust the information is up to date, accurate and impartial.

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