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Title: Energy Choice Matters Ohio | Public Utilities Commission
Author: Public Utilities Commission of Ohio

This video published by, Public Utilities Commission of Ohio shows how to use their website and learn more about your options connecting you directly with energy suppliers in Ohio. This will help both families and businesses compare your utilities also called “apples to apples” to get you the best rate on your utilities.

**This video transcribed on this page is from the Public Utilities Commission. The video is original and has not been altered from it’s original format. We do not claim ownership of this video or content, you can find the original source linked above. We have transcribed the video for the hearing impaired

Energy Choice Matters Ohio | Public Utilities Commission

00:03 Speaker 1: Welcome to the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio’s brand new Energy Choice Ohio website, your one stop site for learning about your energy choice options and connecting you directly with energy suppliers. Here you’ll find information about energy choice, what it means for you and your family or business, as well as step by step guides to assist you in making educated decisions about your energy bills.

00:28 Speaker 1: Also available are helpful and interactive comparison charts that allow you a side by side comparison of energy suppliers in your area. Opening the applicable chart, you’ll see a listing of offers from competitive suppliers. A wide array of sorting and filtering options make comparing offers even easier. Once you’ve found an offer you like, the supplier’s contact information and a link to sign up are provided. Best of all, because Energy Choice Ohio is maintained by the PUCO, you can trust the information is up to date, accurate and impartial.

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  1. First go to Energy Choice Ohio
  2. Hover over the compare offers tab at the top of the website where you can either choose, electricity or natural gas.
  3. Once you choose electricity or natural gas at the top of the webpage, hover over the residential tab in the middle of the homepage.
  4. Choose your current electricity or natural gas supplier. (The company that sends you the bill each month.)
  5. Once you choose your current supplier you should be directed to other companies that provide either electricity or natural gas in your particular area.
  6. Electricity is measured by KW (kilowatts, and natural gas by MCF’s). Click the second column that says $/KWh or $/McF to sort from lowest to most expensive. This is where you can shop and choose another electricity or natural gas supplier.
  7. Click the website under the supplier column of the company you choose with the lowest rates.
  8. Call that particular electricity or natural gas supplier and give the address(s) of the residential property you would like to change suppliers. Your bill each month will still come from the same company, you’re only changing the supplier of that particular utility. Do not call Energy Choice Ohio or PUCO.
  9. After changing your supplier you will receive confirmation to your email and or USPS mail.


Pro Tip
When sorting for more affordable electricity or natural gas rates, choose the most affordable fixed rate versus variable rate. Also, find a fixed rate supplier that will offer a longer fixed rate period more than 3 months. By choosing your electricity or natural gas this way, you will not have to change your supplier every few months for the best rates. If you have a 1-2 year lease you will have to repeat this process 2-4 times or risk of paying a higher rate for your utilities.

Pro Tip
Suppliers are hoping that they can get you to change energy suppliers, then once the promotion period ends you stay with them at a higher rate. Just note that if you want to continually get the lowest electricity and natural gas rates, this process will have to be repeated each time your promotional offer ends. We put a reminder on our calendars when the promotional offers end to shop the current KW and MCF rates on Energy ChoicetOhio.

Pro Tip
If you’re changing your electricity or gas supplier for the first time, you will probably not have a early termination fee. If you have previously changed your supplier and still under the current promotion, check with the energy supplier if there is a early termination fee. The fee might offset the previous savings and might not be worth changing again.


Q:I didn’t know I could shop natural gas rates. How do they currently choose my electricity or natural gas supplier?

A:Your current supplier is a program where they have participating companies to be your supplier if you have not chosen one. This process is called current SCO rate. The SCO rate is posted on the Energy Choice Ohio website above the suppliers and also on your bill measured by price/MCf. Below is the definition of SCO rates from the Energy Choice Ohio website.

SCO: The SCO rate is a regulated rate charged by participating suppliers assigned to residential customers who have not selected a competitive supplier themselves. Residential customers must contact DEO to request to be put on the SCO rate. Customers who have requested to be placed on the SCO rate will receive their natural gas from one of four suppliers: Constellation Energy, Energy 95, DTE Energy or United Energy Trading.

The supplier MVR (Monthly Variable Rate) rate offers that appears in the chart is an unregulated rate that former Energy Choice or municipal aggregation opt-in customers pay for their natural gas consumption. Customers that were previously with an Energy Choice supplier or participated in a municipal aggregation opt-in program whose contracts expire return to Dominion Energy Ohio’s SSO rate for up to two billing periods, after which they are assigned to a retail supplier at the supplier’s Monthly Variable Rate (MVR), unless they have requested to be placed on the SCO rate.

Eligible non-residential and large volume customers who don’t choose an Energy Choice supplier will also be placed on a MVR commodity service. Customers on a MVR rate purchase their natural gas from a designated MVR retail supplier.

You can find more definitions from the Energy Choice Ohio website below.

Q:I didn’t know I could change my electricity supplier to shop and compare the price of my kilowatts. How do I know what I’m currently being charged?

A:You can either call the customer service number in your bill from your current supplier or you can look at your bill where they specify the price per KW that you’re currently paying. Every bill will have these numbers broken down on the front of your billing statement. If you do not specify a supplier they will choose one for you out of a select of participating companies.

Q:Where can I find the link of participating electric and natural gas suppliers to choose from on the Energy Choice Ohio website?

A:We linked both the electricity and gas supplier links below for your convenience.

Q:What does PUCO stand for on the Energy Choice Ohio, Apples to Apples website?

A:PUCO stands for, “Public Utilities Commission Ohio.” Below is their website.


Energy Choice Ohio
Apples to Apples Energy Choice Ohio

180 East Broad St Columbus, OH

Phone: (800)-686-7826
(614) 466-3292 (in Columbus area)
Website: Energy Choice Ohio

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