We’re sorry to see you go! Please take a second and share your experience, so we know how we’re serving our tenants. Please complete the form below, and we will contact you for your final walkthrough.

Final Walkthrough Tips

  1. Have a copy of your detailed walkthrough that you completed with Steel Valley Homes on your move in date. If you took pictures of existing damages have those out and ready for Steel Valley Homes.
  2. Clean your rental property before the final walkthrough with Steel Valley Homes. Make sure it’s “rent ready.” If you caused any damages while living in the unit, point them out to avoid any lawsuits after you move out.
  3. Take pictures of the unit during the final walkthrough with the property management company.
  4. Complete the contact form below accurately, so we can mail your security deposit to your new address.

The property owner has 30 days from the day you vacate the property to return your deposit or give you a written itemization of deductions from the security deposit. If you don’t receive your deposit for any reason, please contact us ASAP.

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