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Low Income Housing HUD Template Email

We get a ton of calls and leads everyday about if we accept section 8 housing or low income vouchers for our apartment rentals located in Boardman and Campbell Ohio. Unfortunately, at this time we do not accept section 8 housing, but thought we would write a post to help point people in the right direction since there seems to be a lot of confusion in Mahoning County on who to contact or what landlords accept vouchers from the YMHA.


If you live in Mahoning County such as Youngstown, Boardman, Campbell, Austintown, Canfield or even Poland the Youngstown Metropolitan Housing Authority to our knowledge handles all the section 8 in the area. We have listed some links below to help you navigate the information you will need on your transition to Youngstown or if you’re new and trying to apply for the first time for low income housing and if you’re already approved and need more clarification. All the information was pulled directly from the website which we have also listed for your reference since the YMHA site is very hard to navigate and tremendously outdated.


Phone: (330)-744-2161
Address: 131 West West Boardman Street
Youngstown, OH 44503
Section 8 Listings:
Section 8 Hud Appplications:

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Have you ever inquired about a rental property and never heard back? There could be several reason for this, but first impressions are important when contacting a property manager or landlord because that is when the actual screening process begins. We have created some template emails that you can copy and paste and use when inquiring about a rental that you see online. We have two versions, the first being the property manager didn’t clearly state that if they accept section 8 housing or not, the second email is for ads that clearly state that they do accept section 8 housing.

Copy and paste the emails below and send to each property manager that has has a listing online that you might be interested in renting.

(Email 1) If the ad doesn’t say if the property manager accepts section 8 housing.

To whom it may concern

Hello, I hope you’re having a great day.  I saw you advertising your property online and was curious if you accept section 8 housing? I’ve been approved by the Youngstown Metropolitan Housing Authority and receive a voucher to subsidize my rent. I’m a good tenant and will take care of the rental unit because I don’t want to jeopardize my status with the YMHA. Also, by renting to me, you will get a guaranteed wire each month from the city of Youngstown. Please let me know the next steps in viewing the property and I look forward to meeting you. Below is my contact information for your convenience. 

Your Name
Your Phone 
Your Email

(Email 2) If the ad clearly states the landlord accepts section 8 housing in the ad.

To whom it may concern

Hello, I hope you’re having a great day. I saw your ad online that says you accept section 8 housing vouchers and I was interested in viewing the rental property. I’ve been approved by the Youngstown Metropolitan Housing Authority and receive a low income voucher and if I get accepted for your property you will get a wire each month on the 1st from the City of Youngstown. I’ve also taken care of every property that I have rented, and will give your place the same care since I value the assistance I get from the Youngstown Housing Authority. I am the tenant you’re looking for and can back it up with my rent history. Thank you for your time and below is my contact information for the next step.

Your Name
Your Phone
Your Email

We hopes this helps in your search and landing an apartment that accepts low income vouchers from the YMHA. If you have an suggestions are insider information that can improve this post please feel free to email us at

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