Jason Hartman
Grant Cardone

If you’re searching for the best real estate podcast to enhance your skills or to hear other stories of like minded real estate investors these are the (3) must follow show’s on itunes.

Jasons Hartman

Jason Hartman - Creating Wealth Real Estate Investing


We’ve been listening to Jason’s Hartman’s podcast for a very long time as he offers unique perspectives on investing by creating wealth for financial independence. After listening to Jason’s podcast for a few years you can see why he has developed a massive following making him very popular in the real estate industry across the globe.

Below are some highlights what Jason teaches his listeners on why real estate is the best asset class investment vehicle.

  • Jason teaches hard working people how to invest in good cash flowing properties even if you live in a different state, so you can add passive income to your earned income to create more wealth and financial freedom.
  • He breaks down how real estate is fragmented which is why the big players “wall street” has a hard time investing. They typically like the massive apartment buildings and not scattered real estate portfolios.
  • He puts the US real estate market in 3 categories, cyclical, hybrid and linear. The cyclical markets having more beta, hybrid being the middle, and linear slow and steady growth. (California, Las Vegas Cyclical, Orlando hybrid, Indiana, Ohio, linear.) Different cities can move in and out of these 3 categories depending on the real estate market.
  • When you buy an investment property you’re also purchasing packaged committees. WIthin a home you have copper wires, pipes, wood and many other committees to complete the house. As the cost of these materials increase, so will the cost to build a house with the same materials.
    Don’t ever buy for appreciation because that would be gambling. Jason is 100% correct, buy for cash flow and if the market goes up that is just icing on the cake or an added bonus.


Jason also has his 10 commandments to help new investors venture into the real estate investing.

  1. Become Educated
  2. Seek Guidance
  3. Stay in Control
  4. Remain Prudent
  5. Do not Gamble
  6. Always Diversify
  7. Be Area Agnostic
  8. Used Borrow Money
  9. Identify Universal Needs
  10. Purchase Tax Favored Assets

Jason goes into great detail for each of his 10 commandments that you can read below.

Tune in to Jason’s podcast by clicking the link below. He releases a new podcast daily, but his new shows being Monday, Wed and his flash back Fridays.

You can also invest alongside Jason as he lists good cash flowing properties for sale in various linear and hybrid states.


Update: Jason Hartman was at the Mandalay Bay Resort Casino in Las Vegas during the tragic shooting that claimed the lives of 59 people. Below is the video he took from his personal cell phone and posted on both Twitter and YouTube.

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Bigger Pockets

Bigger Pockets - Real Estate Investing and Wealth


Bigger Pockets is probably one of the most popular real estate podcast if not the most popular on itunes offering the same advice on how to add multiple streams of “cash flow” or better known as mailbox money to replace your earned income through real estate investing. Bigger Pockets hosts, Joshua Dorkin and Brandon Turner interview several investors with different strategies on how the make money in the real estate market. Bigger Pockets is heavy on the interviews versus the hosts of the show talking and voicing their own strategies.

BiggerPockets highlights

  • Tons of interviews of real estate investors in all different markets across the US with completely different perspectives. Some investors on the show are extremely new while others more seasoned.
  • Lots of tools and a selling platform on their website with other investors around the globe. They are becoming the new MLS where investors can shop for properties and other related services.

You can get more information here on the Biggerpockets podcast.

Grant Cardone / Captain Ryan

Grant Cardone - The Cardone Zone


Grant Cardone is a huge real estate investor currently (Aug 2017) owning over 4,000 multi-family units and raising more money through his new company Cardone Capital to grow to an astonishing 10,000 rental units. Although, Grant is a huge real estate investor this podcast is more about earning income versus detailed investment advice or interviews. He doesn’t go into the detail the the previous two Jason Hartman, and Biggerpockets do, but focuses more on your everyday earnings.

Grant Cardone highlights that he repeats on the daily:

  • Must have at least $100K saved before entering the real estate market. Anything less you’re broke.
  • Wants his listeners to buy 1 property with a minimum of 16 doors preferably 32 if possible. Grant doesn’t like scattered properties and thinks that unless you own 16-32 doors the gains if any will be so minimal that it doesn’t even matter. He would rather you focus on earning more money until you can buy and qualify for a true commercial property.
  • Not really his podcast, but Grant Cardone has one of the most active YouTube channels on the web. This is where you can find more detail about his real estate holdings, past experiences and him taking live calls to help others trying to break into the market. He will break down deals that the callers give him off Loopnet and also talk about important terms and things you must know to buy a property. For example, he discusses net operating income, cap rates, debt coverage ratios (DCR’s), and many other real estate terms. We highly suggest you catch his live shows every Monday to watch him live.

We’ve listed the link below for to subscribe to Grant’s Podcast below on iTunes.

The differences between all 3 of these podcasts if you had to choose one.

Jason Hartman is a huge believer single family homes versus Grant Cardone starting off at a minimum 16-32 multi-family door property. Jason’s approach is my listeners have other jobs, and want more passive income versus buying a business. Grant Cardone wants you to buy more of a business which is multi-family real estate and qualifying for true commercial lending versus single family residential loans.

BiggerPockets versus both Jason and Grant.

BiggerPockets doesn’t really have a view, but more of an open platform for like minded real estate investors to share experiences and what has worked for them. Biggerpockets shares more of a mixed bag and truly proves that you can make money on every level of real estate from single family homes, commercial residential, commercial, mobile home parks and whatever else you can buy to make income.

We don’t claim any of the information above to be our own ideas or take credit for such information. We have listed the external resources below, so you can find the original sources in which we have pulled the information.

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Just like Jason Hartman, Grant Cardone was present at the Mandalay Bay Casino during the shooting rampage of Stephen Paddock. Below is the video taken from his person cell phone that he took live during the massacre where 59 people died at the musical festival.